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Creating the space Somalia

Creating space for fresh approaches to peace building

Le Phénomène RASTA

Analyse réalisée par l’Union Paysanne pour le Développement Intégral (UPDI) En collaboration avec l’Institut Vie & Paix (IVP) •

Le Phénomène RASTA, Violence et insécurité à Nindja/Kaniola, written in French by l’Union Paysanne pour le Développement Intégral (UPDI) and the LPI team in DRC is now available to download, with a summary in English.

Analyse des Dynamiques Locales de Cohabitation avec Groupes Armes FDLR

a Bunyakiri, Combo Nord, Hombo Sud et Chambucha

Civilian Peacekeeping

Preventing Violence and Making Space for Democracy

While military peacekeeping efforts are put in place in response to international laws and agreements, civilian peacekeepers use a different set of criteria for decision-making. This book outlines how civilian peacekeeping efforts are…

Réinventer le quotidien

La cohabitation des populations civiles et des combattants maï-maï au Kivu

The report explores the survival strategies developed by the population of South Kivu, the Democratic Republic of Congo, during the civil war, with special focus on their coexistence with the Mayi-Mayi militias.

Healing a Nation's Wounds

Reconciliation on the Road to Democracy

Girls and Warzones

Troubling Questions

Asks why it is so difficult to gather information about the specific experiences of girls in war and peace. Also available in French and Spanish.

Women, War and Peace

Overview of perspectives and controversies which surround issues relating to the theme of women, war and peace.

Also available in French and Spanish.