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Our programme in Sudan

2019 has been a dramatic year of political transition for Sudan. LPI has been supporting peace initiatives in Sudan since early 1990s.

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Presentation during Sustained Dialogue Symposium at Ahfad University for Women, Khartoum.

Partners are key to our success 

Partnerships with Ahfad University for Women in Khartoum State, and the Peace & Development Studies Centre at the University of Dalanj in South Kordofan State, contributed to building constructive relations between youth who participate in dialogue-to-action processes. 2019 LPI also signed an agreement with Gesr Center for Development. 

Our work

LPI has been supporting Sustained Dialogue processes at Afhad University for women and the University of Dalanj. We have also been building various new partnerships with civil society and academic institutions in the country and exploring options for constructive engagement in the current context.

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Sustained Dialogue in Sudan
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Sustained Dialogue exchange, Sudan.

Impact and results

LPI has worked with the Peace and Development Studies Center at the Dalanj University for some years now. The Center is an important counterpart and leader of Sustained Dialogue processes on campus yet plays far more than an academic role. For example, in January 2018, following the eruption of a violent conflict on the campus, the Center proactively acted as a mediator between different Dalanj community groups. The Center invited community leaders from the city after the escalation of hate speech against students of a certain group. The administration of the Center provided space for all opinions to be heard, and emphasised the necessity of putting an end to hate speech. By the end of the meeting, participants agreed on taking proactive actions to mitigate hate speech in Dalanj community and support efforts of university stability.

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Street art from Khartoum
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Street art from Khartoum


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