June 2019
Volume 31
China’s Inexorable Rise: Blessing or Threat for the Horn?

“despite your triumphs in sewage, drinking water and Olympic gold medals, still don’t have democracy…we may not have sewage, drinking water, and Olympic gold medals, but we do have democracy… If I were making a country, I’d get the sewage pipes first, then the democracy’’i The appropr...

December 2018
Volume 30
Transitions in the Horn: Between Optimism and Caution

The November-December 2018 issue of the Horn of Africa Bulletin (HAB) on political transitions is broaching one of the most critical and contemporary political developments in the region. Over the course of 2018, the HAB has tried to generate perspectives and create the space for debate on key polit...

Imagining Peace: Ethiopia-Eritrea Rapprochement

The editorial committee of the Horn of Africa Bulletin (HAB) first broached the idea of a thematic issue on the possible process and peace dividend emerging from a rapprochement between Eritrea and Ethiopia in early 2016. However, contextual factors and the sensitivities around the proposed theme ...

Maritime Insecurity Dilemmas amidst a new scramble for the Horn?

The March-April 2018 issue of the Horn of Africa Bulletin touches on an overarching theme that was also addressed in the May-June 2015 and September-October 2017 issues of the HAB. These preceding issues of the HAB sought to problematise and analyse the rising geopolitical significance of Djibouti a...


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