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Lessons From a Pilot Micro-Grant Initiative

In 2022, LPI launched a micro-grant initiative in Nairobi, Kenya. The initiative aspired to simplify grant processes to make financial resources more accessible and relevant to small community-based organisations. We accompanied this initiative with a rigorous learning agenda that is contributing to how we provide more accessible, relevant, and reliable resources to our partners. How can we make this Easy? Lessons From a Pilot Micro-Grant Initiative shares the learning from the initiative as part of our work on quality financing.

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Kloé Tricot O'Farrell & Aaron Stanley


How can we make this Easy? Lessons From a Pilot Micro-Grant Initiative sheds light on the Life & Peace Institute's (LPI) commitment to locally led peacebuilding initiatives. In this publication, LPI reflects on the challenges local peace actors face in accessing quality resourcing and how we can better support and partner with them.  In 2022, to address some of these challenges, LPI designed and implemented a micro-grant initiative that intentionally put local peacebuilder capacities, needs, and requests first. The initiative was carried out in Kenya and supported youth-led community-based organisations (CBOs) working to transform conflict and advance peace in their communities. This case study explores the actions we took to ensure the grant mechanism was locally led and presents lessons learned about co-creation, ownership and impact. Reflecting on the power we hold as an intermediary organisation, the publication outlines how we – and others – can better support our partners.