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The Resilience in Conflict Analysis Toolkit (RCAT)

Analysing Resilience: A Peace and Conflict Model

The Resilience in Conflict Analysis Toolkit (RCAT) aims to provide a series of activities by which organisations seeking to engage in development contexts can understand and further enhance existing strengths within communities. Equally, it is a model that looks to create the conditions for individuals in these contexts to unpack and recognise their own resilience to a greater degree, and a means for people (including across conflict divides) to understand one another and foster mutually beneficial relationships. It is intended to be used by community members, civil society organisations, international non–governmental organisations, and others, and was developed through participatory, locally led research on individual resilience in urban informal settlements in Nairobi, Kenya. The RCAT was initially designed by Life & Peace Institute. However, on the basis of research conducted in Nairobi, it has been tested, added to, and further enriched, by a set of local civil society actors and youth leaders in Nairobi.

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