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The Question of Marginalisation and Vulnerability to Violent Extremism in Uganda

This brief is the second of a series of discussion papers giving a flavour of the issues surrounding violent extremism across the Horn of Africa. This paper explores views on the question of Muslim marginalisation and vulnerability to radicalisation.

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The set of papers reflect findings from research undertaken in 2018-2020 by LPI’s Horn of Africa Regional programme (HARP) into the status of violent extremism, stakeholder perspectives and responses to it. It involved a consideration of the literature, key informant interviews and focus discussion groups with different stakeholders.


Similar research has so far been conducted in Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and Somalia reflecting different views on, interpretations of, and responses to the phenomenon of violent extremism across the Horn of Africa. The overall purpose is to broaden and enrich our understanding of the issues, by considering and reflect on experiences and potential learning from across these different contexts.