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The Importance of Borderlands Civil Society Organisations in Regional Cross-Border Policy Processes

While the borders are vital in defining sovereign states, the communities living in these areas are regularly neglected and marginalised within their local and national political systems as well as in regional and continental forums. Neglect of border areas, particularly in the Horn of Africa, has contributed to perennial conflicts and violence. The violence in these areas is driven by historical grievances, competition over scarce resources, and the marginalisation of the regions.

The Life & Peace Institute (LPI) has partnered with Borderland CSOs and communities across the Horn of Africa since 2015. LPI and partners have played a pivotal role in connecting community leaders and Borderland CSO representatives into regional and continental policy conversations focusing on informal cross-border trade and conflict resolution in border regions. With the support of international non-governmental organisations and others that connect grassroots and policy actors, more borderland CSOs are engaged in policy processes that directly affect the communities they represent.

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