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Saferworld’s Agents of Change: Cascade Funding Model

Innovative Local Financing Mechanism Briefs

This brief is designed to highlight creative, innovative, and adaptive mechanisms already being implemented that provide accessible, relevant, and community-driven funding to local peace and development actors.

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In 2019, Saferworld began a project called Agents of Change in Sudan. The project is designed to provide small grants (between USD $3,000 and $49,000) and microgrants (up to USD $2,999) to Sudanese civil society and communities. With accessible funds, Sudanese civil society can implement projects that are relevant to the community and enhance processes of positive political, social, and conflict transformation to contribute to a more inclusive, equitable, and just peace in Sudan.

Agents of Change is implemented in South Kordofan, Blue Nile, and Khartoum states, and prioritises initiatives led by and supportive of women and youth. To ensure that funds are accessible, community relevant, and conflict sensitive, Saferworld adapted the way they were providing resources to community groups. Saferworld’s Participatory Action Learning in Conflict (PALC) methodology guides the project. PALC is a process that starts with the community identifying their issues and needs, followed by community or civil society-led implementation of the Agents for Change grant, and concludes with collaborative learning. The PALC process ensures that projects respond to community needs and learn with and through the community.

This brief outlines five grant process adaptations made by Saferworld through the Agents of Change project that increased the accessibility, utility, community leadership and accountability of the funds to local peace actors.