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Peace Financing Case Study

Lessons from the first experience of direct civil society funding in Somalia from the UN Peacebuilding Fund’s Gender and Youth Peacebuilding Initiative

The Gender and Youth Promotion Initiative (GYPI) is part of the United Nation’s Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) and is designed to support the empowerment of women, advancement of gender equality, and the important role youth people play in peacebuilding. Following the inclusion of Somalia in the GYPI, LPI’s Somalia Country Programme in partnership with a Somali peacebuilding organization, Somali Peace Line (SPL), received funding for the project titled “Connecting across divides: Youth building peace in Somalia.” The project was the first direct funding of a civil society organization by the GYPI in Somalia. This new funding partnership led to reflections on UN partnerships with non-governmental organizations and how accessible funding mechanisms can advance shared peacebuilding goals.

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