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Building Peace Through Dialogue

Ten Years of Sustained Dialogue Across Universities in Ethiopia

The Sustained Dialogue Project is one of the primary and longest running fruits of the collaboration between the Life & Peace Institute and the Peace and Development Centre. When we piloted it at Addis Ababa University in 2009, it was based on our analysis that universities in Ethiopia were confronted with inter-group conflicts. Sustained Dialogue – which uses continuous dialogue among diverse people to bridge differences – is effective at promoting a culture of dialogue and tolerance.

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This booklet is our way of sharing our decade long SD journey with a wider audience. In it, we share the stories and testimonies of students and university administrations who have been transformed by SD or have witnessed the transformation of others. We also share some of the challenges and opportunities we faced in this ten-year journey.


Today, Sustained Dialogue is implemented in five universities across Ethiopia and more than 15,000 Ethiopian university students have been through the SD process. The universities see its value and are ready to own the project and run it on their own.