September 2016
Extractives in the Horn | July-August 2016

In recent years, the Horn of Africa has experienced a mineral boom. With the right institutions and policies put in place this mineral bonanza could well be an asset that helps sustain the rapid economic growth the region has registered in recent years. Apart from the usual suspects of governance p...

July 2016
Participatory Action Research (PAR): A Tool for Transforming Conflict

This latest publication, “Participatory Action Research (PAR), a tool for transforming conflict—a case study from south central Somalia”, documents the key challenges and opportunities for implementing PAR in the Somali context. It is based on the first phase of a three-year peace process with...

To sign or not to sign? The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and the Horn| May-June 2016

The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) represents an outstanding example of successful civil society advocacy on an issue that states customarily viewed as within the realm of their national security concerns. The articles in this issue, edited jointly with the Oxfam Liaison Office to the African Union, are ...

July 2016
Exploring Peaceful Co-existence in Nairobi’s Urban Settlements: Eastleigh, Majengo, Mlango Kubwa

This report is the result of a nine-month qualitative research project, designed and conducted by the Life & Peace Institute in partnership with the Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations in Eastleigh. The uniqueness of this research project owes to the fact that it was inherently designed and im...



"Avoiding the local resource curse in Turkana, #Kenya" in the latest Horn of Africa Bulletin

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The Horn has #Africa's most abundant untapped #wind resource #Somaliland #Somalia #Kenya #Ethiopia #energy

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"Avoiding the local resource curse in Turkana, #Kenya" by Kennedy Mkutu in the latest Horn of Africa Bulletin. Read it at ... See MoreSee Less

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World Peace Day is commemorated every year on 21 September. The theme for this year’s #PeaceDay is “Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace.” Long live absolute world peace… ... See MoreSee Less

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