September 2017
Between co-option and autonomy: Grassroots CVE initiatives as the alternative?

This issue of the Horn of Africa Bulletin (HAB) follows from the January-February 2016 issue of the HAB which also focused on countering violent extremism (CVE). In contrast to the earlier issue which concentrated on CVE policies and strategies in the Horn of Africa (Horn), this issue of the HAB...

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Borderland Communities in the Horn: Avoiding Assumptions and Learning from History

This issue of the Horn of Africa Bulletin focuses on borders and borderlands. You will find highlights about the emerging dynamics that increasingly define the reality of borderlands in the Horn of Africa, such as cross-border collaboration at the inter-state level and initiatives by borderland ...

Horn of Africa Bulletin May-June 2017
Beyond Keyboard Warriors & Surveillance: Social Media Impact on Peace and Conflict in the Horn of Africa

This March-April issue focuses on social media and its impact on peace and conflict in the Horn of Africa. State fragility, authoritarianism and stalled or on-going democratisation processes, all of which in some ways define the African condition, makes Africa an interesting test case for the imp...

April 2017
Policy Advocacy for Peacebuilding

This publication explores the theoretical and practical nexus between advocacy and peacebuilding and how advocacy could be used to address immediate as well as structural peacebuilding challenges. While the Life & Peace Institute (LPI) does not think this resource pack is the silver bullet that...

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Read review: "Community Perceptions of Violent Extremism in Kenya" by @_IJR_ & @Georgetown w/ @LPI_voices " #HAB

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The latest #HornofAfricaBulletin: "Between co-option and autonomy: Grassroots CVE initiatives as the alternative?"

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