Nairobi youth help singer spread messages of peace & tolerance

Young people from Kibera in Nairobi, intervened when a respected local young singer was spreading discriminatory messages through her songs. The popular singer has a large audience and has even performed for politicians. The words and ideas in her songs have an impact.

Youth from Life & Peace Institute’s supported trainings heard her songs and felt the lyrics were not inclusive. Concerned that the songs’ messages could spread discrimination during the important election period, the young people approached the singer to discuss her song. After hearing the youth’s concerns and suggestions, the singer changed her lyrics and sang the songs again, now with a message of tolerance.

Kibera is an area that experienced violence during past Kenyan elections. The young people actively encouraged an important community leader to change her actions. As a singer and member of a street theatre, she has now transferred messages of peace to her large audience. She shared with the broader Kibera community how to be sensitive to, and more inclusive of, those with different political opinions.

Through their action, the group of youth in Kibera identified a problem and used their peacebuilding skills for positive results in their community.


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