1. Civil society support and engagement

Through workshops, formal training and joint research initiatives, we support our local partners in becoming effective agents for conflict transformation. By supporting the institutional development of our partner organizations, they are better equipped to:

  • Analyse and manage complex conflict dynamics
  • Perform coherent actions in their areas of engagement
  • Mobilise actors to play a positive and complementary role in the transformation of conflicts.

2. Policy work and awareness-raising

Our work on policy and awareness-raising focuses on identifying key decision-makers and change agents:

  • Awareness-raising: local, national, regional and international actors
  • Policy work addressing: regional and international organisations, governments, donors as well as international church networks.

3. Cross-fertilisation of conflict transformation theory and practice

We engage in knowledge transfer and we make this accumulated knowledge available to our partners, peacebuilding practitioners and researchers. We also gather relevant theories and experiences from other contexts and organisations, and communicate these within LPI and with our partners.

Knowledge sharing:

  • Documentation of initiatives, approaches, processes and methodologies
  • Analysis of lessons learned
  • Dissemination of results (reports, publications)

Networking and research:

  • Participation in and organisation of relevant events
  • Assessment of relevant conflict transformation studies and research
  • Establishment of expert advisory and reference groups

Strategic partnerships:

  • Universities and academic institutions
  • Faith-based organisations and networks
  • Peacebuilding organisations