LPI intends to further develop its capacity to analyse and manage risks, and to improve security management. Part of LPI’s effort connected to strategic human resource management relates to the harsh reality that LPI operates in with constantly changing and at times very volatile environments. This fact puts special demands on LPI as an organisation to be able to ensure that the Institute’s staff is sufficiently trained in security management at a local level, but also that LPI as an organisation is able to respond to and handle crises.

In order to increase the capacity of the Institute and its staff to do this, a special effort has been made during the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 to review and better harmonise the Institute’s overall security policy and the security plans of the different field offices. The review will also provide recommendations for better mechanisms within the organisation with regards to crisis management. LPI will throughout the time period for this implementation plan strive to ensure that all staff operating in the field have relevant and updated training in security management and personal safety.