Världens fest – international festival in Sweden Seminar on the role of arms

Hannah Tsadik, Resident Representative for LPI in Addis Ababa, was a key speaker in a provocative seminar on war, violence, peace and security in today’s world.  The seminar (in Swedish but with English interpretation) was entitled ” Which arms can build a peaceful world?”

LPI also displayed and launched new publications at the festival. Among the new publications are a research report about conflict transformation in Eastern Congo Kinshasa, a brochure about LPI’s work “Signing up for peace” and a new issue of the journal New Routes, jointly produced with Church of Sweden international department. LPI publications display at Världens fest 2014

Världens fest seeks to inspire and engage the Church of Sweden on global issues.  The festival is the Church of Sweden’s regular gathering focused on international work. The overarching goal of Världens fest 2014 is to highlight the Church of Sweden’s solidarity with the worldwide church, with a focus on the Church of Sweden’s international mission.

LPI needs donations

Church of Sweden is one of LPI’s key partners and donors. Also individual parishes and dioceses contribute to the peace building work of LPI. The account for collections and donations is bankgiro 304-4245.

For international donations: IBAN:SE64 8000 0838 1690 4601 4099, BIC: SWEDSESS