Publications Catalogue 2014

LPI’s work in research and conflict transformation has resulted in different kinds of books, reports and papers. In this publications catalogue, updated 2014, you will find both new books and older, still valid and useful material in English and/or French. …

Signing Up for Peace – About LPI’s Peacebuilding Work

This new brochure offer glimpses of hope based on LPI’s work in the Horn of Africa and Great Lakes region. Meet staff, local partners and communities who have seen things change. Nonviolent conflict transformation is more than a dream in …

Somalia: Alternatives for Conflict Transformation

This is a new research report from LPI.

For more than a decade since the 11 September 2001 terror attacks in the United States, western and regional powers have viewed Somalia from the prism of counterterrorism. State-building processes and political …

New Routes | Local & global peacebuilding

“Think globally and act locally”.

In many contexts this phrase is heard quite frequently, and to some extent it is true and relevant. But sometimes it is even more important to “think locally and act globally” in order to avoid …

Horn of Africa Bulletin March-April 2014 issue

A new issue of the Horn of Africa Bulletin is out! It includes three new and very timely analythical articles about the war in South Sudan, radicalization of youth in Kenya and the layers of conflict in Somalia. Open HAB

Report from Round Table, Masisi, DRC

For four days, more than 120 participants from the three principal ethnic communities Hutu, Tutsi and Hunde, customary, local, provincial and national authorities, civil society as well as local and international organisations, met in North Kivu capital Goma in August …

La houe, la vache et le fusil

Une fois par an, la province congolaise du Sud-Kivu, dans la région des Grands Lacs, devient un lieu de transhumance. Des milliers de bovins descendent les Hauts et Moyens Plateaux afin de rejoindre des pâturages situés plus en aval.