Report from Round Table, Masisi, DRC

For four days, more than 120 participants from the three principal ethnic communities Hutu, Tutsi and Hunde, customary, local, provincial and national authorities, civil society as well as local and international organisations, met in North Kivu capital Goma in August 2013.

The purpose of this big round table conference, following a participatory action research process over two years, was to discuss the unequal distribution of rural land used by farmers and pastoralists, the situation of farmers without farms and pastoralists without pasture, as well as local governance and land management.

This was the first time in many years that these different actors met face to face in order to discuss and try to find ways out of conflict…

Download the report (in French): Rapport Table Ronde_Masisi

Watch a film from the event here: Round Table Conference Masisi, DRC