Policy Advocacy for Peacebuilding

This publication explores the theoretical and practical nexus between advocacy and peacebuilding and how advocacy could be used to address immediate as well as structural peacebuilding challenges. While the Life & Peace Institute (LPI) does not think this resource pack is the silver bullet that outlines how to use advocacy as a peacebuilding tool, LPI hopes it will be resourceful to organisations engaged or wishing to engage in peacebuilding advocacy. This resource pack should therefore be seen as LPI’s humble way of striking a conversation on the advocacy-peacebuilding nexus.

That said, the purpose of the toolkit is to introduce peacebuilders to the theories and tools behind advocacy and how they can be utilised to complement peacebuilding efforts. While the contents of this resource pack have been presented to and tested by peacebuilding civil society organisations in the Horn of Africa through workshops, its efforts to also document peacebuilding advocacy efforts from the region and include in this resource pack were rather hampered by the lack of documentation of cases and activities prevalent in most organisations. LPI encourages likeminded organisations to continue the conversation on the use of advocacy for peacebuilding, to share challenges and experiences for shared learning and joint development of the field.

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