New Routes | Local & global peacebuilding

“Think globally and act locally”.

In many contexts this phrase is heard quite frequently, and to some extent it is true and relevant. But sometimes it is even more important to “think locally and act globally” in order to avoid top-down attitudes and efforts that are neither anchored in nor respectful to local realities.

There is no shortage of good intentions when it comes to peacebuilding, often with external actors stepping into a local context. But it should be remembered that people, even in a vulnerable situation, most probably are fully capable of making their own decisions and planning their own future. They should be listened to with respect and with a sensitive ear. They are the ones who know best what kind of assistance would fulfil their needs.

This issue of New Routes, produced jointly by the Life & Peace Institute and the Church of Sweden, lifts up the need to better understand the interrelatedness between the global and the local. It does not present any quick solutions but aims to give food for thought and reflection on this topic.

You can access the issue here

The following articles are found in this issue of New Routes:

Time to address the “glocality of peace” by Niklas Eklöv and Tore Samuelsson

Churches help change arms trade by Joseph Dube and Jonathan Frerichs

Bridging the local with the regional by Hannah Tsadik and Lidet Tadesse Shiferaw

Persistent work gives hope for peace by Héctor Fabián Rodríguez Muñoz and Andrea Villarreal Calpa

A Journey of healing and reconciliation by Eva Palmquist

Local to global protection – not one without the other by Peter Sjöberg

Gap Between local and external perception of needs by Rafael Eguigueren and Luna Saadeh

Business as usual or entangled in conflict by Joakim Wohlfeil

Responsible investors or ruthless spoilers? by Kjell-Åke Nordquist

The Paradox of Heineken in the Congo by Hason Miklian and Peer Schouten