Research Eastern DRC

Le Phénomène RASTA, Violence et insécurité à Nindja/Kaniola, written in French by l’Union Paysanne pour le Développement Intégral (UPDI) and the LPI team in DRC is now available to download, with a summary in English. Published in 2008. Only available as PDF.

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Analyse des Dynamiques Locales de Cohabitation avec Groupes Armes FDLR a Bunyakiri, Hombo Nord, Hombo Sud et Chambucha. Only available as PDF.

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Réinventer le Quotidien: La cohabitation des populations civiles et des combattants mayi-mayi au Kivu,  by Hélène Morvan, 2005, 174 pp. Open here…

Printed book  in French. Price: €15 $20 + freight.

Summary in English is available: Reshaping the Everyday – The Cohabitation of Civilians and Mayi-Mayi Militias in Kivu,  32 pp.

Price: €7 $9