Civil Society and Regional Peacebuilding in the Horn of Africa

Life & Peace Institute has mapped out over 140 actors who had engaged in regional peacebuilding in the Horn of Africa, reviewed previous and current initiatives and travelled to Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda to gather the best practices and lessons from the most prominent and active regional peacebuilding actors.

At the outset, the main purpose was to analyze all the collected data to primarily fill our own knowledge gap and subsequently use the acquired insights to design a programme based on the latest and best evidence out there. However, as soon as we began to sit down with the various peacebuilding actors in the region, most shared that they had been grappling with the same questions that guided our study and expressed great interest in the findings of our mapping and requested we share the findings.

Thus a report that was initially supposed to serve as reference material for a few interested readers in and around LPI was refashioned into a publication; the first, of hopefully many, to come out of LPI’s new regional Horn of Africa peacebuilding programme.

Download the full report Civil Society and Regional Peacebuilding