LPI has been supporting peace initiatives in Sudan since the early 1990s. Following the decision to move towards a country-based approach, in March 2009 LPI was officially registered with the Government of Sudan and an office was established in the capital. Based in Khartoum, LPI`s programme supports inclusive and sustainable peacebuilding processes in the country in partnership with universities and civil society actors.

The Rationale

LPI’s Sudan programme focuses on contributing to building peace in partnership with active and knowledgeable Sudanese actors from academia, civil society and local communities. This is done through the provision of organisational and technical capacity building support to partners as well as directly accompanying them as they engage in peacebuilding activities.

What we do

Currently, LPI is supporting its partners to implement two projects that aim to strengthen relations within and between communities in Khartoum State through a process of dialogue and action.

The Sustained Dialogue project: The goal of this project is to prevent divisive discourse on sensitive issues from escalating into violence on two campuses, namely the University of Khartoum and Ahfad University for Women. LPI is working in partnership with the Department of Political Sciences at the University of Khartoum and the civil society wing of Ahfad University—Babiker Badri Scientific Association for Women’s Studies, and has secured official approval from the State and Federal governments. So far, over 30 staff and students at the two universities have been selected as project leaders and dialogue moderators and provided an introduction on the different techniques and processes of Sustained Dialogue. A survey has been conducted of over 600 students at the University of Khartoum, identifying priority issues for the dialogue process. The students aim to use these techniques to promote a culture of dialogue amongst their peers, and the project hopes these students will help spread the culture of dialogue beyond the campuses.

The PAR project: In this project, accompanied by LPI and facilitated by its local partners the University of Khartoum and the National Sudanese Women’s Association, community representatives (including elders, women and youth) will be engaged in a process of intra and inter community dialogue using PAR methodology. The goal is to strengthen inter-communal relations by building trust and consensus. Joint action plans will then be developed and support will be provided for the implementation of the planned community interventions. PAR as a peacebuilding methodology is new in Sudan and LPI’s academic and civil society partners receive technical training as well as hands-on accompaniment by LPI staff throughout the project implementation.

Recent Success Stories

  • In the second week of June 2014, LPI’s Senior Research & Analysis Advisor, Dr Yasir Awad, travelled with LPI and University colleagues from Ethiopia, to attend the Kroc Summer Peacebuilding Institute in the US. The aim of the trip was to deepen the participants knowledge in relation to conflict transformation theory through exposure to cutting-edge developments in the field, as well as strategizing on options and modalities for bringing the summer institute to Africa in 2015.