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New Routes is a quarterly journal offering analysis and commentary on issues of peace, justice and development as they relate to LPI concerns and programme areas. It includes information about   current LPI activities, projects and publications.

From 2011 New Routes is an electronic quarterly journal which subscribers receive free of charge.

In order to make New Routes more accessible at a lower cost, it is from 2011 published as an electronic quarterly journal. It will be sent directly to subscribers free of charge as a four-colour PDF-file. It is also possible to download earlier issues on the left side of this page free of charge.

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E-mail: newroutes@life-peace.org

Horn of Africa Bulletin is a bi-monthly newsletter compiling analyses, news and resources on issues related to conflict and peacebuilding in the Horn of Africa region. The focus lies on the dynamics of peace and conflict in the region. While Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia constitute the core of HAB, developments in other IGAD member states such as Kenya and Uganda are also covered.HAB consists of three parts: In part one, articles are supposed to provide readers with analyses of current or general developments.

If you want to subscribe to Horn of Africa Bulletin free of charge or would want to order back copies, please send an e-mail to HAB.subscriptions@life-peace.org.