LPI celebrates the UN International Day of Peace!

LPI participated in a Peacebuilding day in Uppsala on Saturday.

Peace and peacebuilding should always be in focus around the world but especially during one day in particular. The 21st of September is the UN International Day of Peace which correlates with the International Day of Prayer for Peace. It is an excellent time to highlight and discuss the important work that is done every day in the name of peace and peacebuilding.

This year staff from the Uppsala office of LPI participated in a celebration called “Bygg Fred” or “Build Peace” which was organised by a group of Christian organisations as part of the “Churches’ Global Week for Justice 2013”. The program of the day was packed with interesting lectures and workshops by different organisations on issues relating to peace, peacebuilding and religion. The special guest of the day was Bishop Dinis Sengulane who spoke of peacebuilding in his home country of Mozambique and the program “Turning weapons into ploughshares” where weapons used in the conflict were turned into works of art. In the afternoon participants could partake in different workshops one of which was held by Tore Samuelsson, from the LPI communications team, on the topic “Peace is not only built with friends!” in which he offered an informative 45 minutes on the work of LPI and the concept of Conflict Transformation.

After a manifestation for peace on the streets of Uppsala as well as a service in the church the evening was finished with a delicious meal! Given the success of the day we are all hoping for it to be a new tradition in Uppsala.

For more information on the “Churches’ Global Week for Justice 2013” please visit their website (in Swedish).