Land, power and identity in the DRC seminar (video) A seminar about conflict and peacebuilding in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Currently, there are 32 rebel groups operating solely in eastern part of the DRC. In spite of popular beliefs, it is not conflict minerals but local struggles over land and power inflamed by ethnic identity that has fuelled these violent conflicts over the decades. The seminar, which took place on 20th April in Uppsala, sheds light on Land – Power – Identity link of conflicts in eastern DRC and opportunities for conflict transformation. The Participatory Action Research approach used by the Life & Peace Institute and its partners in Eastern DRC is highlighted as one of the success techniques of this transformation.

Speakers: Stina Högbladh, Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University, Koen Vlassenroot, Congo expert and Professor at Ghent University, Belgium, and Loochi Muzaliwa, journalist and programme coordinator, Life & Peace Institute, Bukavu, DRC.

Moderator is Dr. Anders Sjögren from the Nordic Africa Institute.

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