La houe, la vache et le fusil – the hoe, the cow and the gun

New research on transhumance in the DRC

South Kivu cowsThis research report published by LPI and its DRC programme includes an in-depth study of the phenomenon of transhumance which is highlighted as one of the main causes of armed conflict in South Kivu. Transhumance, or the seasonal migration of tens of thousands of cows from the highland to the lowlands in Fizi, is at the origin of many conflicts between farmers and pastoralists. In an area such as South Kivu where there is a weak state authority, a large sense of impunity and a massive presence of small arms and armed groups, these conflicts constantly threaten to take on larger, intercommunity dimensions. LPI has been working with conflict transformation methods for several years to help alleviate these conflicts.
In this book, LPI and the authors Justin Brabant and Jean-Louis K. Nzweve goes further than investigating transhumance and the causes and consequences of transhumance-related conflicts. They also explore possible solutions, and critically evaluate LPI’s own conflict transformation work in South Kivu.

Country Director of LPI in the DRC Pieter Vanholder regards the book as a valuable contribution to peacebuilding:

–          By making this research available we can inspire anyone who is active in this field, not only by providing insight into the complex phenomena of transhumance in Southern South Kivu but also highlighting and sharing the successes and challenges of LPI’s work in DRC with other actors so that they may learn from it.

Click here to access the full book in french.