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The Compromise on Resolving South Sudan’s Conflict: How IGAD’s New Peace Offer is Unsustainable

This article dated the 11th of August 2015, is a polemical piece that analyses the gaps and weaknesses of IGAD’s latest proposal to end the conflict in South Sudan. The author (Augustino Ting Mayai) analyses the key components of the IGAD proposal and explains their limitation to bring about a long solution to the crisis facing South Sudan. He makes the argument that the IGAD proposal is aimed at achieving an immediate end to the conflict by ensuring incentives for the political elite rather than a comprehensive attempt to tackle South Sudan’s deep rooted governance issues. He concludes by arguing that the Arusha model would have been a more viable option to end the conflict. This is a valuable albeit polemical resource which usefully complements the analysis in the International Crisis Group Report.

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