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South Sudan’s Experience at Peace Making

In his Bertrand Russell Peace lecture in Ontario, Canada, Douglas Johnson clearly states that South Sudan does have experience at peace making, as three historic peace negotiations, the 1972 negotiations that led to the Addis Ababa Agreement, the 1999 Wunlit people-to-people peace conference, and the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement, prove. However, the question that remains is whether this experience is relevant to the conflict that is threatening to tear South Sudan apart today or not.

In the following lecture Johnson tries to answer this query by first briefly outlining South Sudan’s experience in peace making, then looking at the legacy of war as a contributing factor to the current conflict and the missed opportunities to deal with that legacy during the interim period prior to independence, then analysing the contribution of the diaspora in promoting either conflict or peace, and finally suggesting how the experience of South Sudanese might be harnessed towards creating a space for peace.

Access the full lecture here.

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