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Simplifying the Arusha Intra-SPLM Reunification Agreement

South Sudan broke apart and plunged into a violent confrontation in December 2013 following bitter disagreements within the top leadership of the ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), splintering the party into several groupings. The conflict shockingly started merely two years after the country seceded from the Sudan. The violence has claimed thousands of lives and displaced millions others, both internally and into neighbouring countries.

Known as the “Agreement on Reunification of the SPLM” (commonly referenced as blueprint), the accord was signed on 21 January 2015 under the auspices of the Chama Cha Manpinduzi, Tanzania’s governing party and attempts to reunify the SPLM through a conflict resolution mechanism.

This report published by the Sudd Institute explains the terms of the agreement and depicts the real effects that it should have on civil society. The text, in addition, highlights both the enthusiasm and the pessimism the accord aroused among the people. Although almost everyone welcomed the peace agreement, some commentators cast doubts on its durability based on the fact that the same political leaders who caused the war in first instance are now supposed to maintain peace without a proper process of reconciliation.

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