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People on the move: Leaving the Horn on a boat

“Going West: contemporary mixed migration trends from the Horn of Africa to Libya & Europe”, is a report from the Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat, Nairobi, published in June 2014.

Desperate youth and despondent families willing to put life at risk to escape from the Horn of Africa is well documented phenomenon. This report contributes to a growing body of evidence highlighting the importance of the westward route of mixed migration from the Horn of Africa to Libya and Europe.

“The westward flow of migrants appears to be increasing rapidly but the route is characterised by great risk at different stages of the journey. The findings of this study as well as other research cited illustrate the range of risks migrants face when on the move; from robbery, neglect in remote locations, brutal extortion to outright murder and negligent loss of life.”

The report maps the dynamic and changing nature of smuggler/migrant routes being used in the Horn of Africa and Yemen region, with especial focus on Eritreans, Ethiopians and Somalis on the move. In particular this report responds to the sense that the ‘westward’ direction is increasingly being used by smuggled migrants who find themselves thwarted when trying to use alternative (and previously extensively used) routes that take them east (Yemen to Saudi Arabia) and north (through Egypt into Israel).


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