The quest to become a “Qurbajoog”

Qurbajoog, a Somali word which loosely translates as ‘diaspora’, is a word that has gained prominence in the Somali language during the post-war era. The word qurbajoog is a combination of two separate words; qurba meaning ‘outside, abroad or …

Somalia’s hope for the future? The return of young Diaspora Somalis

The Somali conflict has affected Somali citizens inside and outside the Somali region for over 25 years. While Somaliland and Puntland have enjoyed relative stability for more than two decades, conditions are much more fragile in south-central Somalia, and residents …

Somali and Ethiopian Diasporas for peace compared

Diaspora frequently has been conceptualized as product of war or other devastations that led to flight and exile. The longing for ‘homeland’ and the will of people in exile to collectively keep their ‘old’ identity was seen as a key …

One Eritrean Generation, Two Worlds: The established Diaspora, the new exiles and their relations to the homeland

At the time of Eritrea’s independence in 1993, roughly one million Eritreans had fled the armed conflict with Ethiopia [1] and settled in neighbouring Sudan, in various Middle Eastern countries, Europe, North America and Australia. The vast majority of these …


This policy brief by the Sudd Institute provides important background and analysis as to the current state of measures in South Sudan against corruption and which seeks to ensure accountability and transparency regarding public resources.
This policy brief discusses in broad outlines the role of the media both new and traditional in the South Sudan conflict.
This is a new book by a long time analyst and expert on the politics of the Horn of Africa, Alex de Waal.