The Gulf Engulfing the Horn of Africa? What to expect in the upcoming issue of the Horn of Africa Bulletin

For over a decade media reports and analysts have increasingly pointed to the growing trend of Africa drawing the attention of the so-called ‘new’ actors or ‘rising powers’ such as China, India, Turkey, Brazil and the Gulf Arab states. These ostensibly new actors or rising powers have emerged as key partners for African states politically and economically and are exerting an imprint/impact which many have seen as portending a fundamental shift not only in the international relations of Africa, but also in relation to peace and security dynamics on the continent.

Framing & Dominant Narratives

The framing and dominant narratives in the literature on the relations between the Gulf states and the Horn concentrate on the security aspects of the relationship and major economic/commercial investments. The literature intentionally or otherwise often omits the embedded and long historical roots of the complex relations between the Gulf countries and the states and societies of the Horn.

Themes for Contributions

The upcoming September-October 2017 thematic issue of the HAB will in general terms address the pattern of relations between the Gulf States and states in the Horn. The issue seeks contributions that will analyse and problematise current and emerging aspects of the relations between states in the two regions. It also seeks contributions that focus on some of the gaps and issues mentioned earlier from the perspective of practitioners, academics, and policy actors, and suggest policy options. The deadline for the submission of articles is the 15th of October, 2017.


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