Congo Day in Sweden

Photo: Cato Lein

The Life and Peace Institute is proud to present DR Congo events in Sweden – and shared globally online, also highlighting the European Development Year 2015.

The first of two seminars will be hosted in Uppsala Monday April 20. It is in connection with a Congo Day at the Uppsala Konsert Kongress where LPI, together with Kvinna till Kvinna and the Nordic Africa Institute, offer:

  • From 14 to 16:
    “Les Femmes”: theatrical performance
    The actors from Teater Tribunalen will perform the play “Les Femmes”. The play, based on true stories documented by the local organization CEDEJ, focuses of the violent life conditions faced by the women in DR Congo. After the performance it will be possible to ask questions directly to the actors, LPI, Kvinna till Kvinna and the human rights defender Josiane Bolenge Kamparås from Läkarmissionen. The event will be held in Swedish.
  • From 17 to 18:
    ”Another picture of Congo”: Photo talk by Cato Lein
    The photographer Cato Lein will present his work from a recent visit in DR Congo. The purpose of the exposition is to tackle the stereotypes concerning women in Africa. The following discussion will be moderated by Anna Lithander from Kvinna till Kvinna.
  • From 18:30 to 20:30:
    “Transforming Conflict in DR Congo: How to tackle the Land-power- identity-conflict”: Panel discussion
    The conflict in Congo has been recognized as one of the bloodiest in the history of African continent. Local dynamics of land power and identity foster the conflict and harness the conflict transformation process. The guests of the panel:
  • Loochi Muzaliwa: journalist for several media houses in Congo and Program coordinator for the Life & Peace programme in DRC. Loochi has played a leading role in the work for peace and reconciliation.
  • Koen Vlassenroot: Professor at University of Ghent and Director of the Conflict Research Group. Koen is a leading international expert on the conflicts in DRC and a lead researcher of the Justice and Security Research Programme.
  • Stina Högbladh: The coordinator of Uppsala “Conflict Database Project” and peace and conflict researcher at Uppsala University. Stina has been following the conflicts in the Great Lakes region for the program since 2002, with a special interest in the DR. Congo
  • Moderator: Dr Anders Sjögren from the Nordic Africa Institute, coordinator of the conflict research cluster.

Reserve your seat by April 15 at info@life-peace.org or tel. 070 534 7041

The photo talk and seminar will be held in English. The podcast of the seminar will be provided in the following days.

Invitation Transforming Conflict in DRC


The second of Congo seminars will take place in Riksdagen, Stockholm on Wednesday May 6 at 13.00. As a continuation of the Uppsala seminar, a policy-based seminar in Stockholm will offer a discussion about fresh perspectives on building peace in eastern DRC and will more specifically address the topic of Swedish development cooperation.

The panel will include Séverine Autesserre, Associate Professor at Columbia University and a renowned international Congo expert; Pieter Vanholder, DRC Country Director for the Life & Peace Institute; Maria Eriksson Baaz, Senior Researcher and Associate Professor at Nordic Africa Institute as well as a representative from Sweden’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Although the Stockholm seminar will be by invitation only, the podcast of the event will be provided in the following days. For more information, please e-mail to info@life-peace.org.