23 October: Synergies for strategic peacebuilding in the Horn of Africa The Horn of Africa Programme is our youngest programme.

It combines our 30 years experience in grassroots peacebuilding research engagement in the Horn of Africa (HoA) and network of HoA peace actors to address systemic and structural causes of interlinked conflicts in the region through policy engagement. To mark the launch of this programme and opening of the Addis office, LPI will be hosting a full-day event on 23 October 2014 to introduce its work and exchange with key stakeholders on the latest conflict transformation methodologies and best practices that could be of value to the Horn of Africa. The event named Synergies for Strategic Peacebuilding in the Horn of Africa will feature inspirational and thought provoking talks by renowned peace experts, practitioners and policy-makers from the Horn and beyond.

For a list of speakers and themes DOWNLOADAGENDASynergies for Strategic Peacebuilding

While this is a by-invitation event we will keep you informed on:



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