LPI has experience from both policy and awareness raising activities and now aims to expand these activities at the same time as strategically focusing its work. The Institute is moving from organising ad hoc events and publications towards a more integrated, coherent and targeted strategy for policy work and awareness-raising to influence both public opinion and political processes on the local, national, regional and international levels.

The work on policy and awareness-raising is focused on identifying key decisionmakers/change agents whose policies and processes we would like to influence followed by a thorough mapping of the initiatives of other strategic and influential actors, to see where cooperation is possible. A coherent strategy for the various LPI offices to operationalise the awareness-raising and policy work is developed and aims to support our partners in their policy initiatives.

LPI  will further develop contacts and partnerships with government structures and agencies in a number of key countries, and with international governmental organisations. Cooperation with other actors is expected, drawing on networks already in place in order to help shape international policy and practices that affect peacebuilding, and to increase the support of, and cooperation with, civil society actors in conflict areas. By offering relevant analytical information, well-grounded recommendations on policy and implementation, as well as technical support to decision-making circles, we hope to contribute to better policy responses within these institutions at different levels.

Furthermore, LPI is working to strengthen the public profile of civil society in the peacebuilding sector. This includes highlighting the positive role that civil society can play as well as other pertinent issues deriving from LPI’s or our partners’ work in the field in order to raise awareness, influence public opinion and help create pressure for change.