LPI recognises that a range of different types of resources are needed in the whole cycle of planning, implementing, evaluating and reporting. For LPI resource mobilisation is therefore a matter of securing financial, human and institutional resources to support the Institute’s work according to the strategic priorities.

LPI was established without an endowment fund, which means that each project and programme as well as core costs for support to the work in the field programmes need to be fully covered by grants and donations. LPI occasionally takes on assignments commissioned by other NGOs, faith-based organisations or governmental agencies when these fall within the three strategic priorities of the Institute, but that will constitute a minor part of the total activities to be implemented in the coming three years.

The financial resources for LPI’s conflict transformation work are generated from state and private sources. Sida is the main donor, however, substantial resources are expected from other governmental agencies directly or indirectly and through framework organisations, both within Sweden and abroad, partnering with LPI. Among governments that have earlier shown interest and provided substantial support throughout the years are the United Kingdom, Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway.

The Church of Sweden and Swedish ecumenical networks have maintained a special relationship, and funding commitment, to LPI since the inception of the Institute. This includes both grants and a national collection day in the Church of Sweden. Other Nordic agencies such as Norwegian Church Aid, DanChurchAid and Finn Church Aid, and churches, particularly the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and a number of other European and United States agencies and foundations have also been encouraging and supportive of LPI throughout the years.

LPI believes that resource mobilisation goes hand in hand with building relationships, demonstrating the value and outcome of its work to donors.

One tool for this is the Institute’s PME&L tool. LPI also wishes to further develop and secure its financial system in order to become more transparent to partners and donors.