What kind of complaints?

We have set up a system for handling complaints that are within the scope of:

  • Commitments on contracts and agreements with local partners
  • Commitments on contracts and agreements with donors
  • To ensure that staff and partners respect the Code of Conduct of LPI
  • LPI’s Anti-Corruption Policy and Conflict of Interest Policy

Issues covered

Serious allegations regarding:

  • Fraud and corruption
  • Sexual abuse
  • Serious mismanagement
  • Any issue where an investigation could lead to disciplinary action or criminal prosecution

Information required when making a complaint

When making a complaint, please provide the following information:

  • Your name, position and contact details
  • Your relationship with LPI (i.e the nature of your engagement with LPI)
  • Your contact person within LPI
  • The nature of the complaint (including when the conduct giving rise to the complaint occurred)
  • Details of the LPI partner or employee involved (if applicable)
  • Copies of any documentation supporting the complaint

Response to a complaint

The answer to a complaint will be given no later than a month after it was received at LPI’s office in Uppsala. However, sensitive and confidential complaints may take longer to respond to, and in such cases the complainant will be informed about the time frame for the response.

Submit a complaint

Submit a complaint to complaints@life-peace.org


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